San Fran: A Flight of Beers Before our Flight

From Haight Ashbury to the Chinese Gardens we wandered the streets of San Francisco in search of hippies. Instead I found out what all the fuss was about; that you could truly leave your heart in San Francisco. In my long list of cities that I have been fortunate enough to see, San Francisco resided on a very short list of places I actually do want to move to. You know that conversation you have after every vacation, where you say “I want to move there!” Well I have said that about every place I have ever been but Vancouver, Amsterdam and San Francisco are the only places where I truly meant it. For three days we got to discover a magical city with so many twists and turns, every district is like something brand new to discover.                                                                                         We saw everything from Haight Ashbury to Alcatraz. We took a ride on the trolley and saw one of the most beautiful parks I have ever seen. We also discovered a new friend, who I will affectionately refer to as the Stimmer Man. An awesome guy!

 My wife and I set out on an adventure to San Francisco to celebrate her 30th birthday. While we were there we went to an eight table authentic German Restaurant with amazing food called Walzwerk (a must visit place). Everyone in the intimate restaurant sang Happy Birthday to my wife, I will never forget that moment. We were so lucky that we got to celebrate it with such good friends and enjoy beautiful scenery for three straight days. I am having so much fun remembering the trip that I almost forgot to talk about the best part– when the Stimmer man ran straight into a tree (Ill leave the details for just he and I). But really, that was one of the best parts.

 In our last remaining hours on that cold and rainy Sunday afternoon before our flight we pushed through the doors of the Rogue Ales Public House and enjoyed several flights of beers. A flight of beers is the ability to taste several different beers and then you get to choose the one you like. Or if you are like me, its like a playground of beers and you never have to choose just one! Rogue Beers Dead Guy Ale is one of my favorite all time beers, such a rich flavor packed Ale. Imagine a cold rainy day, with grey skies, and a beautiful woman and that is the beer that comes to mind. My flight consisted of the Amber Ale, Dead Guy Ale, the John John, Marifest, and you have to try Dad’s Little Helper. The public house will offer an amazing atmosphere with even better beers! Do yourself a favor and stop there next time you are in San Francisco.

This is truly an amazing place to visit, one of the true gems in America. Enjoy it with friends like Wifey, Shades, Biscuits, and The Stimmer Man. Don’t forget scarves and umbrellas. Oh and don’t forget your goggles, if you need a place to score some just ask Shades!



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