The 7th Floor Dublin, Ireland

Ever been to one of those exclusive LA clubs where there is no sign and you walk in and everyone is cooler then you are? That is exactly how I felt when the silver doors of the elevator opened up and I walked into the 7th floor at the Guinness Factory in Dublin, Ireland. A place so cool it doesn’t even have a name, they just call it the 7th Floor.  Okay so they call it the Gravity Bar, but doesn’t that sound so much cooler!

I went to the Guinness Factory not really knowing what to expect, but I walked out with a sense of history and a great appreciation for what was quickly becoming my favorite drink, Guinness. On the way inside the place, it just seems like an old brick building but as soon as those entry doors part way, you are immediately swept into the Guinness experience. You go up to the counter and buy a ticket like you are about to go on the most fantastic roller coaster you can think of. First you proceed through a maze of history about where the dark rich Guinness came from and how it was made. The part I think I remember most; the old bottles displayed. It was at that time you truly get a sense of the history in your glass. I also remember the instructional video of how they once made barrels to transport the Guinness. Around every corner you are slammed with amazing stories that truly bring a pint of Guinness to life.

 Once you have completed your history lesson you then have a choice, and I recommend you follow my instruction on this one. You have the option of going up to the 7th floor or taking a pit stop at the 4th floor restaurant.  There you can enjoy a pint or two of Guinness while dining on the most amazing Guinness Stew you could ever imagine. It was a man paradise of flavor with whole roasted chunks of lamb, carrots, and potato in a rich brown Guinness broth. It also comes with Brown Bread, which is basically soda bread. I have never before or after that experience, tasted bread that complimented a meal so well. Once we completed our meal stop and learned about how Guinness is processed from start to finish, it was time to head up to the Gravity bar on the 7th floor.

 With my belly full of absolute goodness I walked into the elevator and hit the button marked 7th floor. I truly had no idea what to expect when the doors eventually opened but what I saw was worth every cent of the admission price, which coincidentally gets you a free beer when you arrive at the 7th floor. The steal doors open and you are immediately punched in the face with the most breath taking view you will ever see. The Gravity Bar is a complete panoramic view of Dublin, Ireland and all its glory! So imagine grabbing a seat that gazes upon the entire city while sipping on your free Guinness that is poured ever so delicately. A true Guinness must rest 2 minutes before being topped off and served. My buddy and I managed to finagle one extra beer a piece and we didn’t speak a word as we just sat and watched as the world went by beneath our feet. Finally it was time to go and discover more of Ireland, we had reservations at the Jameson Factory. On the way down just before the elevator shut I took one last look, that image is just for me!



 About to enter Gravity Bar

Old Guinness Bottles on the tour.

View from the Gravity Bar

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