Steaming in Vancouver, Canada!

How does Fantasy Football, an afternoon in Vancouver; a place called the SteamWorks Brewery; my wife Jessica, a very handsome Dermot Mulroney look alike bartender; and a meaningless game between the Denver Broncos and Oakland Raiders turn out to be the best 3 hours of my life? I’ll try to explain.

 Most guys might be upset if their wife was sitting right next to them at a bar enjoying their beer tasters while drooling over a bartender that looked just like Dermot Mulroney. Well for the record I truly enjoyed it! And, not in a weird creepy way. First off, let me just say that the look alike winner was actually an extremely nice guy and someone I would be friends with. He did me a favor hitting on my wife because it allowed me to casually interact while really keeping my focus on Darren McFadden, who was on my fantasy team and torching the Denver Broncos defense! On an unrelated side note my Killer Bs did go on to win their 2nd Fantasy Football Championship….I’m just saying!

 My wife and I escaped Los Angeles to Vancouver, Canada not really knowing what to expect. We had read the travel books and done some research but you never really know what its going to be like until you get there. What an absolutely charming place that we discovered, and if you have read previous blogs it’s a place I would actually move to. The people are extremely friendly; I had forgotten what it was like to say hi to someone passing by on the street while living in Los Angeles.  The air is clean and so is the ground, Vancouver offers such a unique vacation experience around every corner. You can go from night life, to trendy, to the great outdoors all with in about 15 minutes walk from each other. From Gastown, to China Town I absolutely love this city and I also found the beer is pretty damn good too. Make sure you go to the Granville Island Brewery which I will touch on in more detail at another time. This is all about the Steam Works Brewery.

Forget the fact Jessica was in love with the Bartender, he was so kind and friendly he helped us to have an amazing afternoon. He started off by setting us up with a tasters mat, and then proceeded to put 8 tasters down for us to enjoy. The best part about tasters is if your wife doesn’t like one you get to have it for yourself! The Steam Works Brewery will offer you a very unique beer called the Espresso Stout made will real coffee. That beer is a must try, it’s like nothing I have ever tasted before. You will also get to enjoy the Lions Gate Lager, Coal Porter, Signature Pale Ale, Empress India Pale Ale, Herocia Oatmeal Stout, Ipanema Summer White, and the Pumpkin Ale. All beers are hand crafted and brewed right there on the site. Next time you are in Vancouver and you’ve got a fantasy football player that you need to check on stop by the SteamWorks Brewery they will treat you right!



Steamworks Brewery, Vancouver

In Gastown, on our way to enjoy a beer!



Gassy Jack

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