Cold Weather, Mac & Cheese and Kronenbourg 1664

Most Pre-Thanksgiving nights are filled with family and preparing for the coming feast that will be on the last Thursday of November. It’s a time to give thanks and enjoy family! Back in the year of 2007 Jessica and I shared what I call my most memorable pre-Thanksgiving night ever. On that very cold and windy night, we braved the weather, headed out of our Dallas apartment and went on a last second foil run that lead to one of my most cherished discoveries. That night I found a beer called Kronenbourg 1664 that I now give thanks to every year. On that night Jessica and I decided to make a 7-Cheese Macaroni dish, that I have to say was out of this world, and enjoyed for several days after Thanksgiving. 

As we were preparing our dish we ran into a problem that I’m sure occurs in just about every household that is preparing for Thanksgiving. Inevitably something is forgotten at the store and for us that was foil. We walked over to our local CVS to pick up some up. Anyone living in Dallas knows that Thanksgiving weather is a total crapshoot. That particular evening the weather became so cold and windy we nearly froze to death on our foil run.

We decided naturally that what we needed to do was get some beer to warm up with and enjoy while we cooked. Thankfully we decided on Kronenbourg 1664. The taste is so unique; its light and crisp flavor never lets you down. The flavor rich taste becomes almost sweet in your mouth but still allows you to be a man when you’re drinking it! While letting our dish cook in the oven we opened the windows and allowed the heat from the oven to warm the apartment. Yes it was a very small place! 

We popped in a movie called “After the Wedding”, which is a foreign independent film that I highly recommend (it’s about reconnecting with a past love). I suggest that you watch it while your Thanksgiving meal is cooking, sitting next to the one you love, and enjoying a Kronenbourg 1664.  Hopefully it will make for just as special a night as it did for me!

À la votre!


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