Let the Countdown Begin!

Only a mere 8 weeks until we embark on our journey to Munich, Salzburg and Prague! We couldn’t be more excited to discover beautiful landmarks, art, history, architecture, culinary delights, bicycle tours….and of course, beer! Let’s face it all three of these cities are known for their brew and we can’t wait to wet our whistles.

Bryan and I have a tradition we follow each year in preparation for our big trip abroad. About two months out from the trip, we like to pre-purchase all our train tickets, bicycle tours, museum tickets etc.  Not because you necessarily have to, but because it’s fun and begins the official countdown. Okay, so maybe we are over-planning travel nerds. But I have to tell you, there is something really gratifying about getting train tickets to Europe in the mail. It adds a little pizazz to an otherwise dull Tuesday. I mean really, how often do you actually get something exciting via snail mail anymore?

Next, we like to obsesses about the perfect travel duds. And no, I’m not referring to Magellan’s in-flight collection available via Sky Mall (or a fanny pack). There are certain things a young urban couple must have to fashionably traipse about Europe in. For Bryan, one year it was blue cargo pants and a Hugo Boss v-neck black sweater. For me, I always imagine myself in some hip leather boots, designer skinny jeans, a cool fitted jacket and a fashionable scarf. We’d scour malls, cool indie shops and one year even the army navy store searching for the perfect pieces to trot the globe in. So what are the hot in-vogue outfits we end up with? T-shirts, sweaters from our closet, regular ol’ jeans and a couple of pair of Pumas. After going on a few trips abroad, we’ve both come to realize that we basically end up wearing the same thing everyday. In fact, in a good majority of vacation photos from the last three years, I have the same thing on: a paperboy hat, grey sweater and one of two favorite scarves. If it weren’t for my constantly changing hair color, you’d think it was one long continuous trip! So this year, instead of conceptualizing cool outfits, we are going with what’s in our closet and setting our sights (and money) on a good travel backpack. If you have any suggestions, please tweet them our way (@a6packofstories). That’s not to say I’m not still thinking about those perfect leather boots…

So after the train tickets are purchased and the outfits are planned, next we like to get the passports out for display. Not like placed on a pedestal inside a glass box or anything; just out in plain sight. We usually put our passports and all our tickets on the breakfast bar about two weeks out from the trip. Okay, I guess we are nerds. However it’s a little something fun to remind us that a trip of lifetime is just around the corner. A little motivation to get through those last couple of work weeks and closer to vaycay bliss.

Alright, so now you are up to speed on our OCD and slightly narcissistic vacation rituals. If you don’t have any of your own, I suggest you pick some up. If you already do, share them with us! Maybe we can add them to ours.

So in case you are wondering, if my feet could stand it and our budget was limitless; the little number below would be my dream travel outfit. However, let it be known that even if I was “blow my nose in money rich,” I would never spend $750 on a scarf. Holla!

Bottoms up!


Dream Travel Outfit…

Cool Travel Outfit!

Rick Owens collarless jacket

$2,505 – net-a-porter.com

PRPS gray jeans

$515 – stylebop.com

Dannijo silver plated jewelry

$645 – dannijo.com

Donna Karan cashmere shawl

$750 – net-a-porter.com

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