One Step at a Time…William Wallace Monument (Stirling, Scotland)

You’ve just hoofed it 246 steps, you’re panting heavy and cursing the fact there isn’t an elevator. It crosses your mind that maybe that last pint of Belhaven was not such a good idea. Suddenly a gust of wind snaps you out of your haze and your equilibrium is put to the test. 

You peer over the edge and realize just how high up you are. Gulp. The crisp cool air and the beauty of the emerald green hills surrounding you invigorate your senses. The city of Stirling looks like a perfect diorama. As you walk around the observation deck (clutching to the side for dear life) you feel a sense of pride. Maybe it’s the fact that you made it to the top without passing out; or perhaps, it’s the spirit of Sir William Wallace. That could explain why you felt compelled to yell “they may take our lives, but they’ll never take our freedom!” 

Or, it could be because you watched Braveheart one too many times in preparation for your trip. Whatever the case, there’s nothing quite as beautiful or rewarding as taking a minute to gaze upon the magic and the history that is Stirling, Scotland. As cliche as it may sound, it’s so very true. Now, climb down those stairs, purchase a mini William Wallace statuette, a souvenir can of haggis (if you’re feeling crazy) and go have yourself some fish n’ chips and a nice cold one at Westerton Arms.



William Wallace Monument

View of Stirling from the top of the monument.

View of William Wallace Monument from Stirling Castle. 

At Stirling Castle…on our way to get a Belhaven…then to on to channel our inner Braveheart

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