A Saturday Bike Ride Through Berlin

The most magical thing about life is falling in love. Of course everyone knows where you take your first trip as a couple in love, Germany! Did you think I was going to say Paris? A seven-day trip to Berlin with my new love, my best friend, and an undying thirst to taste new beer created one of the most memorable times of my life.

It was a year after my good friend Preston and I had been to Ireland and we were getting the itch to travel again. I’ll never forget the day we went to the local Barnes and Noble and stood in the travel book section and like it was planned both reached for a book on Germany. I remember taking that book over to the table and reviewing all the maps and the top tens. There was no other place in the world I would have rather gone, there was just one thing. I had only been dating Jessica for about two months and I had a dilemma… invite her even though we had been together 2 months or let things play out and hope it all worked out in the end. Well after one drink with her on our first date it was the easiest decision I ever made. Later that night the three of us were booked for passage all the way to Berlin, Germany.

Berlin was such an education and vacation all rolled into one. There is no way I can capture all of it in on blog, so this will be my first of many stories regarding this true treasure of a vacation. Today I want to focus on the Fat Tire Bike Tour that Preston and I took the first day we were there. We navigated all the way from our rented home to Alexanderplatz where we were scheduled to take a bike tour of Berlin. I had know idea what to expect but when you take a Fat Tire Bike Tour just sit back and relax…you are in good hands! Everyone should experience the city with one of the amazing guided tours that they offer.  The tour takes you all over the city from some of its most infamous sites during the war, to some of the most beautiful architecture. Along the way you discover that this is more then just a city where a war took place, this is a place of people who actually lived there and rebuilt this city into something that can be cherished by all. 

In Berlin there is truly something for everyone. The tour stops in the middle at a beautiful beer garden in the park where you have a chance to discuss everything you have seen and wash those memories down with a liter of beer and a pork chop sandwich!

Toward the end of bike tour Preston and I spotted a little piece of home, it was Berlin’s only Tex-Mex Cantina and of course two boys from Texas had to stop there. I will admit that the restaurant needs a little help in what they call Mexican food but you have to love the effort and after 6 beers who cares that your quesadilla comes with toast and fries..not me! 

The best part about sitting at that restaurant is that you get to sit, and sometimes that is the best part of vacation. Just getting to sit and talk with your friend over a beer! Not to mention the weather was beautiful, cold grey October skies, which to me are the only skies to travel in. Preston and I made it back to the bike shop and each enjoyed a Berliner Pilsner, which the bike shop sold for only 1 euro.  We sat in the park next to the shop for a while finishing what seemed like the best beers of our lives when the ultimate destination was spotted! Across the field on the other side of the park was a sign that read “Live Karaoke” at the Irish Bar.

To be continued…



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