Know Your Audience

Let me just start by saying that I love karaoke and there is nothing better then climbing up on stage and grabbing the mic to belt out one of your favorite tunes! No matter how bad or how off key you may be, the thrill of the moment is like no other. I asked earlier today what your favorite go to karaoke song is. Mine is Weezer’s, “Say It Ain’t So”. I love that song so much. Every time I get to belt it out I feel like I’m back in 1996 preparing for a long night out of college drinking!

This however is a story about another night in Berlin, Germany. Shades and I had just completed an amazing tour of Potsdam, Germany. On the way back we stopped at the Fat Tire Bike Tour Co. and bought a beer. The beer was an absolute treat, not only was it just one euro, but Berliner Pilsner does not disappoint in taste either. As we drank our beer sitting in the park (and yes you can walk around with beer in Berlin) we noticed a little sign across the way that read Irish Bar and Live Karaoke. The table was set and of course we had to attend the party. The place, Irish Pub in Europa Center, Berlin.

I have to say being a karaoke regular, the thought of getting on an international stage was still very intimidating. After about five more Guinness I was ready for the challenge that lie ahead. There was only one problem! They didn’t have my go to song so I had to improvise, and as we all know that doesn’t always bring you the best results. I decided on the Black Crows, “She Talks to Angels”. One of my all time favorite songs, but an absolute nightmare to attempt in foreign territory. Not to mention the feeling of all-mighty Guinness roaring through your bloodstream. I climbed on stage and began to try my best, and as the wheels on the car started to come off I braced for what would be an epic train wreck. I think I even got flipped off! I got nervous and lost my place even though the words were right there in front of me. I also lost my voice and it became an eight minute growl that seemed to last an eternity! The best part is….I got it all on tape!

Here for you to enjoy, a small portion of what went down.

Give it up for America one time!



Know Your Audience from Asixpackofstories on Vimeo.

Bryan makes his international karaoke debut in Berlin, Germany. No one said it was going to be pretty.

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