Ding! Frites are Done!

Let’s face it, you can go around just about every corner in America and get French fries. They’ve become ordinary and boring at most places. However, there is one place in the world where fries are still one of the most exciting things you can eat. I don’t know what it is that makes them so desirable. Maybe it’s the paper cone wrapping, maybe the dipping sauces, or maybe just the fact that they are portable. What ever the case may be, fries are still king in Amsterdam!

The smell hits you like a baseball bat in the head on a Saturday night as soon as you step off the commuter train from the airport. Wait…..Actually that’s a lie. The first thing you smell is the faint hint of weed drifting through the air reminding you of the morning after a college party that went on too long. So let’s say it’s the second thing that you smell. When you leave Centraal Station it’s a very short walk to what should be your first planned stop on your discovery of Amsterdam. The place serving what I consider to be little golden fried nuggets of pure bliss is called Manneken Pis. When you are waiting in line to step up and order, you are overwhelmed with the sites and smells of a very magical place so try to remain calm, the line moves quick. There are three sizes to choose from and I recommend you go ahead and get the large because if you don’t you’ll be very upset at yourself. This is not a place to watch your waistline! After you have picked your size then comes the ultimate dilemma and that is to pick your sauce. They have many different options and I will tell you from experience that Mayo is the jewel that I would recommend!

Now that you have completed step one in your itinerary you are now ready to investigate one of the greatest cities in the world. Do yourself a favor and repeat step one as many times as possible while you are there!

Bon Appetit!


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