Bickering, Coffee & Gypsy Curses: Notre Dame, Paris

Two arguments, a Gypsy curse, and a Starbucks later we finally reached our destination! I wish our journey to Notre Dame was a joke or creative license by a writer, but the truth is always the best. We left our hotel early with map in hand so that we could beat the crowd to one of the world’s greatest treasures. That was our first mistake; when in Paris..DO NOT BE IN A HURRY, it goes against everything Parisian!

On our journey let’s just say we got a little lost. I mean the streets are in another language…come on! I had my map, we were sticking to that and my great navigational skills passed down from my fore fathers. I was going to get us there by god! Our 30 minute walked turned into a 2 hour journey; but as the great Clark W. Griswold said “this is a part of the country the kids don’t get to see every day”. As we searched and searched we finally came upon a familiar sign, the great Starbucks logo. We try never to go to anything American when traveling but our fight had been 4 rounds and we both needed a moment to retire to neutral corners. What better way to relax then fill your body with a gallon of caffeine!

I decided to go against all man code and I asked the Barista “where in the hell is Notre Dame?” The best part was we were close; so I considered that a small victory and let him point out the rest of the way. After a few sips and apologies we headed back out into the Paris jungle to find our destination. Several twists and turns later and we had finally arrived.

As soon as we stepped into the courtyard we were surrounded by Gypsies. One approached and asked for money in exchange for my fortune. To which I replied: “did you know I was coming here today?” She didn’t like my response, hissed at me and said “I have put a curse on you”…good times!

Oh yeah…Notre Dame Cathedral is freaking amazing…go see it!



Inside Notre Dame. We took some pretty good pictures that day, if I do say so.

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