Our Favorite Pub Game

Nothing like being home and sitting at bar with your closest friends playing a game called the “Last Letter Game, Celebrity Addition”. Never played? Here is a quick set up of the rules so that you can enjoy this game with your friends!

Step 1: Gather a bunch of friends

Step 2: Order an array of great beers! I prefer Maredsous 8 when I play.

Step 3: Start the game by giving a celebrity name, for example “Rob Lowe”. The person to your right has 10 seconds to give you back a celebrity name that starts with the letter L, for example you could say “Laura Bush”. Then the next person goes starting with the letter B and so on and so on!

*Should the next person have said a double letter name such as Laura Linney, then the game goes in the opposite direction and it would be your turn again. For example if I said Rob Lowe and the next person said Laura Linney it would be my turn again. If I couldn’t come up with a name it would continue to my left.

The drinking rules are simple, keep drinking during the whole game and just have fun…or if you love rules then dish out 5 large chugs for every wrong answer!

Have a great time and the next time you’re with a group of friend give the game a try. It works really well after several beers!



Have a favorite pub game? Share it with us!

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