A Little Beer A Little Beauty Week 2

So as I mentioned last week, to aid in the countdown to our big trip, each week I am trying a new beer and a new nail polish color. Painting my nails is not something I normally do, so excuse the whack paint job. This week’s Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear color is Sunkissed 150. My Irish-English pale skin cannot pull this color off. If you’ve got a great “sunkissed” glow, then this color is for you. Otherwise, it’s just going to look like a tacky neon pumpkin explosion.

Now, onto the important part, this week’s new beer: Jever. Jever is a Pislner from Northern Germany. It’s slightly bitter, with a hint of grassiness (a small non-overwhelming hint). With a little Google searching and using my Rosetta Stone German skills, I learned the text on the label “Friesisch Herb” translates to “fresh, dry.” That is a very accurate description of this beer. Pair it up with some cheese, rye or dark bread and have at it. Or just enjoy alone while painting your fingers a god-awful orange (sorry, Sally).

3 Weeks, 3 Beers and 3 colors to go!



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