Footloose Auditions in Liverpool

After you’ve discovered everything in Dublin, Ireland and drank the required 21 Guinness required by Irish Law you do what everyone else does. You book passage on the Stenaline and travel across the pond to Liverpool, England in search of more drinks and the elusive Beatles experience.

After a ferry ride and two trains, Shades and I finally arrived in the city with only about 2 hours before the sun went down.  As the daylight was fading we ran all over the city taking pictures like two contestants trying to win the Amazing Race. We only had one night in Liverpool so we snapped as many great pictures as we could. Running around for two hours we naturally worked up a hunger and thirst for local food and more beer, so we sat out in search of the local cuisine. Being a first time international traveler and being very unprepared we could not find the local cuisine. We rented a room at the Holiday Inn and went across the street to the all you can eat Chinese buffet…What can I say we were rookies then!

Full on Liverpool’s finest MSG we strolled across the street for a beer at the local pub. Now this wasn’t just any local pub it was some kind of Megaplex bar like an amusement park for grownups, but instead of rides you get drinks…lots of drinks. The first floor was a bar and restaurant, the basement was a pub, and the upstairs was an 80’s themed dance club. We grabbed our beers and headed for some seats in the corner to soak up the bar scene in Liverpool. The problem was, as hard as we tried we were just too full of MSG for more beers so we made the team decision to switch to liquor. On our next round we ordered two bourbon and cokes in an attempt to try and shake off the rust. We completed those rather quickly and it felt like we were coming off life support so we naturally came up with a plan! Shades being a great people person persuaded the nice bar tender to make us a pitcher of Jack and Coke! We had officially put it on blast, and after 4 or 5 of those pitchers we were ready to tackle the upstairs dance club. I just so happen to have some video of my Footloose “audition” for all to enjoy!

We never took the Beatles tour or did much of anything after that night for reasons listed above; but it’s a night I will never forget and one I recommend you try. Sometimes when you’re traveling you have seen enough history, taken enough tours, and it’s just time to party….to me that will always be Liverpool!



Bryan Busting a Move in Liverpool, England from Asixpackofstories on Vimeo.

Sometimes a mans just got to dance.

Liverpool 2007

2 thoughts on “Footloose Auditions in Liverpool

  1. when i was in middle school, my dad took my family on a 10 day beatles tour of london & liverpool (5 days in each city). it was the most hilarious vacation of my life for a million reasons, but i have a feeling liverpool would be a little more enjoyable when you can actually enjoy the pub culture.

    – the romantic

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