Travel Tunes: When Old Songs Sound New Again

Good tunes and a loaded iPod on a long plane ride are essential. Not only does it drown out the cries of babies and help avoid awkward conversations, it’s oh so soothing. For some reason, no matter the melody, when I am 10,000 feet above ground almost any song can relax me into sleep. Well, not like a true deep sleep. More like a head-bobbing, open mouth, embarrass-your-travel-partner kind of catnap. I love rediscovering an old song when I am in this weird state of half-sleep delirium. You know, the song that somehow lingers on your iPod; the one you skip each and every time and swear you’re going to remember to delete.  When flying high, full of excitement anticipating the adventure that awaits, even the most tired song can sound new again.

As we are nearing the departure date for our trip to Munich, Salzburg and Prague I thought it would be a good time to update the ol’ playlist. Here are just some of my favorite travel tunes.

What are yours? Would love to add some new songs to my list!



There is actually a really disgusting photo of me sleeping on our flight to Scotland three years ago. However, I have triple chin face in it and I just don’t feel like we’re close enough for me to show you. Maybe later. So instead, feast your eyes on Bryan giving me a creepy gaze as I nuzzle in for a nap.
On our way to Scotland–2008

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