Six 6-Pack Must See & Maybe Dos in Edinburgh, Scotland

The recent flurry of Edinburgh activity from fellow bloggers on Twitter inspired us to reminisce on some of our favorite things about this majestic city. There is so much to see and do in Edinburgh. Around every corner a plethora of history, architecture, beauty and...a few tourists traps. However hokey, some are downright fun. On every trip we take, we like to mix it up with a little bit of touristy, a little bit of history and a little bit of whatever we stumble upon.

Here are six of our favorite touristy/must see/historic/beautiful/”did we really pay to do that?” spots in Edinburgh.

The Scott Monument : * A Must See* For a few Euro you can climb the 287 steps to the top viewing deck and be rewarded, with quite frankly, a badass view of Edinburgh.

Peephole view of The Scott Monument.

The Royal Mile: * A Must See* This seems like an obvious one, and we admit it is. But after you’ve snapped photos and soaked in all the history, take the time to really stroll in and out of some of the fun shops. Purchase yourself a kilt then pop into one of the pubs to sip on a Tennents and finish the night with a fish n’ chip dinner at Deacon Brodies. This is by far the best stretch of tchotchke shopping you could ever ask for.

Edinburgh Castle: *A Must See* Yes, of course you’re going to go to the castle. A no-brainer. The exhibits and replicated living quarters within are awesome. The view, the daily firing of the cannon, the fact the entire castle is hanging on a cliff, all the more reason to go.

Edinburgh Ghost Tour: *Not for Everyone* Um, well, yes, we paid to take a ghost tour. The city is really old, I mean come on, anything is possible! While we’ll admit this tour is not for everyone (for more reasons than one), it was actually kind of informative. A lot of historical sites were pointed out and explained, we got to tromp through the cemetery that J.K. Rowling’s apartment overlooked. The apartment she actually wrote Harry Potter in, for all you fans out there. AND, we were stuffed into a catacomb with about 50 complete strangers. Okay, that part we could have done with out. But hey, ya know…

We even spotted a real ghost! Or…someone’s cigar smoke. You be the judge.

Holyrood Park: *A Must See* A beautiful walk, magnificent views and a great way to burn off some of that beer and fish n’ chips. The highest hill in the park known as Arthur’s Seat is actually an extinct volcano.

View of the city from Arthur’s Seat in Holyrood Park.

The Scotch Whisky Experience *About as Touristy as It Gets* Yep, we did this one too, I (Jessica) blame Shades and Bryan for this one. We rarely write a bad review about anything, because in all honestly, we have fun doing just about anything, this included. It is vacation after all. We were a little apprehensive about squeezing three grown ass adults into a larger than life moving whisky barrel, but we managed. After cruising through the virtual whisky tour we ended on a high note and enjoyed a fine array of samples.

We only WISH we had a picture of the three of us in the whisky barrel…


Bryan & Jessica 

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