The Heineken Experience Amsterdam

There are near death experiences; there’s the Jimmy Hendrix experience and then there is the Heineken Experience. Nestled in the heart of Amsterdam is a pleasure palace of history and the freshest beer I have ever tasted. Forget about the fact that it’s 9:30 in the morning, it’s vacation!

Imported Heineken beer in the states is like a fine wine that tastes a little funky if you don’t let it breathe. I have always felt that it has a somewhat musty smell coming out of the bottle and has never really been my beer of choice. That is of course until I had the freshest Heineken of my life while in the tasting room at the Heineken Experience. While sipping on your beer, there’s a brew master explaining the finer points of the brewing process and with each sip it’s like you are literally drinking the experience.

Around each corner you really get a sense of why they call it the “experience” because you get to touch, taste, and smell everything that goes into crafting Heineken beer. When you complete the self-guided tour, you are handsomely rewarded with two of the coldest most delicious Heinekens you will ever taste. Take advantage of the fully interactive bar while sipping on your history lesson and also take the time to chat up the people sitting around you as it only adds to the experience!



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