Inside the PB&J Traveling Trio

We’re in the final homestretch until we leave for Munich, Salzburg and Prague. Lederhosen have been purchased, travel outfits determined and lists of things to see and do made. With vacation so close I decided to sit down with my travel compadres and conduct a formal interview to give readers an opportunity to get inside the minds of the traveling trio. A look into our hopes, our travel dreams, our…


Okay, not really. I did however, use my college Journalism 101 skills and jotted down a couple of questions for each us to answer. For the most part because I am nosey and wanted to see what Shades (aka Preston) and Bryan had to say about me. AND, because we are so excited that this is all we can possibly think and speak about for the next couple of days. So for your reading pleasure a big hearty helping of PB&J.

Cheers! -Jessica

What are you most looking forward to on this trip?

P:  Since the main reason for this trip is to experience Oktoberfest, I’m most looking forward to Sunday, September 23rd, the day we spend at Oktoberfest. I can’t wait to take in the entire experience from the beer to the music to the food to the camaraderie of the table mates in the tent.

B:  Sitting at a table in Munich with a huge beer and saying Prost!

J: Just going! We have been planning this trip for a year so it is hard to believe it is finally here. Most looking forward to the castles, Mozart’s home, the beer, the pretzels, the scenery…everything!

Which city do you think will be your favorite and why?

P:  I’m thinking my favorite city will be Prague.  Prague was nearly untouched by WWII and still has alot of the original architecture. I think Prague was once a hidden jewel of places to visit in Europe and I want to see the city before it becomes even more popular and too touristy.

B: I think Salzburg will be the most beautiful and will have the best scenery.

J: I too think Salzburg may end up being my favorite for some reason. Most likely because we are spending the least amount of time there and I will probably wish we would have spent more. Who knows, though, it will probably be a trifecta!

What do you like best about traveling with each other?

P: I think Bryan, Jessica and I have the best travel team that you could ask for.  We are adventurous, have a lot of the same taste (except style, wait till you see the photos).  All three have our own idiosyncratic differences but they gel well together as a group.  Plus who doesn’t want to go on an awesome vacation every year with two great friends.

B: Shades because he is always ready to go and Jess because she always classes it up and look amazing in her pre-planned travel outfits.

J: Non-stop laughs. I get to travel with a built in movie-quoting comedy team. Both dudes are also a whiz at maps and directions. It’s possible I could walk around the same block 20 times before realizing I’m not going anywhere. Sad, but somewhat true.

Who is most likely to befriend a stranger?

P: Jessica is most likely to befriend a stranger.  She is the most normal out of the three.  Bryan and I are too busy with inside jokes and quoting obscure movie references that no one understands or typically gets; but we find hilarious. Jessica is more of a twenty questions kind of girl and can keep a conversation going; unlike Bryan and I who really need the help of a few pints.

B: Jessica. She likes to know all about people and places. She will get the conversation started then Shades and I will bogard our way in with (see above) an obscure movie reference.

J. Ha, that’s funny, I would have said Shades. Well, guess it’s unanimously me…Anyone want to get a coffee?

German beer has a higher alcohol content than most American beers. Does this pose a threat for any of the gang? 

P: I think the higher alcohol content is going to hurt the Californians.  They have not kept up their training since they’ve moved away from Texas. Analysts from around the world are expecting Shades to carry the team in this event.  Although it has been rumored that Big Tex (aka Bryan) could make a comeback.  It all depends on how he responds to therapy; he’s never been the same since that nasty cheese grading accident in 2010. 

B:  I’m only a threat to myself.

J: I’m a little nervous. Two Bud Lights and I’m ready to raise the roof…or fall asleep depending on the night. So no telling, we’ll have to see how it goes.

Anything you’re not looking forward to?

P: Can’t say that there is!

B: Sharing a toilet with Shades.

J: The 8-hour layover at the Frankfurt airport coming back. Going there layovers don’t bug me…but the coming home ones do. Any must sees at the Frankfurt airport?

Jessica, Bryan and Shades in Amsterdam 2007

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