Happy Hour with Shades: The Etiquette of Souvenir Shopping

One of the things I like about vacation is going in and out of the souvenir shops. I like going in and out of every shop and seeing how they all contain the same things.  But you go into each one hoping to find that special gem that calls out to you.  I also like the thrill of negotiating with the local jabronis trying to talk them down on useless overpriced crap.

Now there are people who will buy souvenirs for themselves; there are people who will buy souvenirs for everyone they know; and there are people who will buy no souvenirs but remember their trip from nothing but the pictures they take and the memories they make.

While on our last trip to Munich, Salzburg and Prague we got into the discussion of buying souvenirs.  Who do you buy souvenirs for?  What is the etiquette?  I typically buy souvenirs for people who travel and bring me back souvenirs.  Some people say that souvenirs are just for little kids. I do know some people that don’t buy souvenirs because of bad souvenir buying experiences.

I have a friend let’s call him “Stallion”.  The first year he ever traveled he went all out and bought souvenirs for everyone in his family. I’m not sure how appreciative everyone was and most of the souvenirs he purchased sat unworn and un-admired.  Now Stallion just buys for himself.

I have a mom and a dad, a brother, a sister-in-law and two nephews.  I have a girlfriend who has a mom, dad and a brother.  So right off the bat there are ten people that I’m buying souvenirs for, but you multiply that times three cities then that is thirty souvenirs that I’m buying.  Plus if you check my math, that does not include me which is the person who most deserves a souvenir.

So after nine days on the road I came back with: a dirndl, two Oktoberfest hats, two ashtrays, two magnets, one sweatshirt, six t-shirts, two knives, two beanies, two Christmas ornaments, four beer steins, two candle holders, two shot glasses, three stickers, eight pencils, and a free rock from the streets of Prague. Total souvenir expense just under $500.00. Do you think I over bought?

I guess in the end at least have a box full of crap that I will have to keep up with, move from place to place and try to find room for in a closet…so that once in a blue moon I can pull out my box of souvenirs, give them a good rub and remember my vacation.



Unfortunately, was not able to bring this one home…

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