If You’re Going to Oktoberfest You’ve Got to Dress the Part

For years I had dreamed and wondered what the real Oktoberfest would be like. Like many of you I had gone local Oktoberfest celebrations put on by the city or something like that. Those are great, don’t get my wrong; however the REAL Oktoberfest is as close to beer drinking perfection as you can get.

The days leading up to the event wifey and I debated back and forth on whether to get traditional outfits or not. We decided that we would not because we didn’t want to get some cheap looking costume stuff. Upon arrival at the airport it took about five minutes to realize that outfits were a must! So if I can impart any wisdom on my fellow travelers headed to Oktoberfest in 2012 it is this: do not buy some crappy costume as much fun as they are, when you arrive head to a local vendor and purchase one. Expensive? Yes. Worth every penny when you’re partying hard at the real Oktoberfest to be dressed in traditional wear? With out a doubt yes!

We arrived early to get into a tent and found that there was already a line so we quickly jumped in the line at the Hofbrau tent. Even though I would consider my team of veteran travelers seasoned I stood in line feeling like a little kid about to open a gift on Christmas Eve! I was nervous, excited, and ready to sit back and enjoy whatever happened that day. Many things in life disappoint or don’t live up to the hype, but the real Oktoberfest delivers on every level imaginable. You will drink, you will eat great food, and you will sing along with thousands of strangers for hours on end. It never got old!


We must have drank 7-8 liters of beer a piece between Shades and I, and wifey kicked butt hanging in the whole day! I was so proud. She is a gamer who represented team California very well. When we had finally reached our point of satisfaction with the event we spilled out onto the midway for more fun. There are rides, games, more food to take in. We decided to take the ferris wheel and that is a must do…..absolutely amazing views and you actually got to go around many times.

I love to travel, but you take my two best pals and combine them with the fun and excitement of Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany and you have got a memory that will trump or rival most anything.



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