Happy Hour with Shades: An Evening of “Jazz Boat”

If you’re ever in Prague I highly recommend you take part in a Jazz Boat ride. Yes it is a bit hokey and a bit touristy but hey it’s a Jazz Boat!

We were definitely over-enthused about our Jazz Boat ride. It was our last night in Prague and we thought why not end it with a nighttime tour of the Vltava River and see the sights at night? Prague is a beautiful city, but at night it is almost as pretty as I am.

Jazz Boat features a live jazz band and a free shot as soon as you sit down to get you started. It also helps if you and your friends keep saying “Jazz Boat” in 1920’s gangster style speech and show your “Jazz’” hands!

The trip was reasonably priced, as were our drinks.  I remember getting that good old-fashioned feeling; that warm feeling from the whiskey coursing through my veins. I could tell I was entering the whiskey matrix.   For those of you who do not know what the whiskey matrix is, the whiskey matrix is that feeling of being buzzed but not quite drunk. That feeling that anything is possible! That feeling that I could jump in the Vltava River in 50 degree weather; swim 50 yards to the shore; crawl up a 15 foot retaining wall and run an 8-minute mile all the way back to the hotel room. That my friends, is the whiskey matrix. Feel free to use it and throw it into your vocabulary.

The Jazz Boat ride was great; I would recommend taking one of the cruises on the Vltava River.  After a hustle bustle vacation this was a great end to a great trip, filled with good drinks, good conversation and great friends.

Jazz Hands!


Enjoying some good Jazz.

Hot chocolate & whiskey to end the night…

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