The Ultimate Escape

“They may take your life, but they will never take your freedom”, he shouted at the top of his lungs. Obviously almost the entire world has seen that movie and heard that line, so I was watching Braveheart again the other day for the millionth time and I thought what does that line mean to me? For me I think my fight is against the corporate grind; the evil force that is trying to take my freedom. Vacation is my defense against the rolling force that is trying to take my life. Like most of you I have to work the 9 to 6 corporate gig five days a week while my life passes me by. My only defense against that force is the most powerful weapon of all…the vacation!

So that means there are 52 weeks in a year, and for those of us who work 5 days a week that means we spend roughly 2,080 hours per year at work. That’s a lot when you consider that in an entire year you only get about 8,736 hours total. When you take out the work hours you only get about 6,600 hours to do what ever you want. I would subtract sleep hours, drive hours, and all those miniscule time wastes but I think you get my point.

I travel to live! I travel to live! My question to you our beloved subscribers this morning is to ask you why you travel! The world loves top countdowns so I bring to you the Top 5 reasons why I travel and I would love to hear what yours are!



Top 5 Reasons Why I Travel!

  1. My number one reason to travel is to escape the corporate prison and feel free as a bird if only for a week.
  2. The number two reason is to discover the sights and sounds of new places across the world.
  3. Traveling is a great excuse to drink before noon!
  4. My number four reason is to buy new clothes! How dare you think you can travel across the globe in the same old duds. It’s a great reason to get travel pants, travel shoes, travel jacket, and new travel shirts!
  5. My number five reason is to spend time with my wife in a no walls situation where we are free from all of life’s hassles and stresses. It’s a great opportunity to drink, laugh and be merry with the people you love.

Charles Bridge; Prague, CZ

San Clemente, CA

Vera’s Burgers in Vancouver, CA



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