Are You There Blog?

It’s me, Jessica. Okay, yes that is a blatant rip off of quite possibly the best young adult fiction book ever. However, considering the way we have neglected the old blog-a-roo lately, I am suprised she’s still standing. We’ve truly missed blabbing about all our past vacation adventures! Blogging is such a fun release and fanatically checking your Twitter feed to see if anyone has commented, is even more fun. I kid, I kid…kind of.

It has literally been months since Bryan and I’ve paid a visit to our beloved blog. Thank goodness Shades has been picking up the slack. Settling back into Texas has been a lot more of a transition than we thought it would be. Not necessarily a bad transition, just a lot of change fast and furious. There are days when we long for the beaches and mountains of Los Angeles; the possibility of seeing a random celebrity here and there; the diverse culture and fashion; and most of all, Trader Joes. Oh how we miss Trader Joes. Luckily TJs is making its way to Texas, so that longing will only be short-lived.

Then, there are days when we can go to the grocery store (park on the front row mind you), pop by the farmers market, grab a coffee, pick-up some lunch and get our cars washed, all in under two hours. Anyone who’s ever lived in, or been to LA knows that is IMPOSSIBLE. Those are the days when we couldn’t be happier to be back in Texas. There are pros and cons to both, the grass is always greener etc., etc. At the end of the day we are happy with the decision we made. Change is good and sometimes you just have to take a chance. Most of the time, it really does seem to all work out.

In travel news, just last week we had our yearly meeting with Shades to discuss our vacation accommodations, vacation dates and plane tickets. We’ve made this our tradition every year for the past five years. Basically we gather round a table, eat an assortment of meats and cheeses and hash and re-hash the same thing over and over. We already know where we’re going, we pretty much know where we’re going to stay, but it’s just fun to share in the excitement and talk about what’s to come. Shade’s special lady friend, Lindsey will be coming with us and I couldn’t be happier to have a gal joining the crew.  For the past five years (with exception to our honeymoon) it’s been me and two dudes. Conversations have revolved around sports, beer, sports, beer, movie quotes, sports, the random WW2 history fact, beer, 80s-specific movie quotes, and then more beer. I’m REALLY excited that Lindsey is coming this year.

Originally, we’d planned on going to Iceland and Ireland, but due to the cost of plane tickets, it looks like we will be spending a full week in Iceland instead. Frankly, I’m kind of excited to just chill in one place rather than hop from country to country. I’ve never actually been on a vacation where you have time to just relax. So, I’m looking forward to that! If you have any good Iceland recommendations, send them our way.

Between the move, starting new jobs and all the other life jazz we still haven’t had a chance to post all of our fun adventures from our trip to Munich, Salzburg and Prague last October. So, before Word Press decides to shut us down for having an inactive account, I’m making it our goal to get those going this month!

Until next time…and hopefully not two months from now.



Because no blog post is complete without a picture, and this post is already completely random and pretty much non-travel related…I leave you with this even more random photo of our dear dog, Texas. This was about hour 19 of our 2-day drive from LA to Texas.

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