“Winter” in Newport Beach

Okay, so admittedly, we are missing LA more than we thought we would. Or at least we think we are. We’ve come to the conclusion that if we could just move all our friends and family to California then it would have been the PERFECT place to live, quite possibly forever. Maybe not LA proper so much, but somewhere in California. Luckily, we have a trip planned to LA LA Land in May for Memorial Day weekend, so we can get our fix then. In the meantime when it’s 30 degrees outside and there’s not a beach in sight, we can always whip out the old photo albums and transport ourselves back to the days of 70 degrees and sunshine…in February. Yeah…that was nice.

When we lived in LA we tried to take weekend trips and day excursions as much as we could to check out the surrounding cities and beaches. One of our favorites was a day trip  to Newport Beach to go whale watching. Newport Beach is absolutely gorgeous. The beaches are lined with amazing top of the line homes that look like something out of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous (and I’m sure some of them probably are). The beaches themselves are pristine and the town has an easy breezy laid back beach vibe.

The boardwalk area is much smaller than the one in Santa Monica (for example), but still has plenty to offer–arcades, a ferris wheel, bars, restaurants and cafes. From upscale to no shoes, no shirt, no problem; it really felt like there was something for everyone.

The last time we were in Newport it happened to be this time of year  We took the day trip to celebrate Valentines Day. As you can see from the pictures, it was a beautiful, sunny, warm day…in February.

Cheers with chattering teeth,


Our whale watching vessel, the Aggressor!

Gorgeous homes lining the beach…


The tippy top of a grey whale!


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