Friday Photos: Special Moments

My first trip overseas was to Berlin and Amsterdam in 2007. Bryan and I met in January in 2007; about a month after we started dating he asked me if I wanted to go to on a trip to Germany…9 months later! It was a huge leap of faith to say yes and commit to a trip so far away after only dating for about a month. Somehow, I knew it would be okay and we’d still be together, so I said yes. Plus, it was a trip to Germany! I’d hardly been out of Texas at that point so I definitely wasn’t going to pass up an awesome vacation. We made a pact that even if we ended up hating each other 9 months later, we’d tolerate one another for that week abroad. Luckily, it worked out and 5 years later, we’re obviously still together.

So for many reasons that trip to Berlin will always have a special place in my heart and my mind. Not only was it my first trip to another country (and third time on a plane…ever) but it was the trip that started a tradition for Bryan, Shades and I for years to come.

I will never forget my first panoramic view of a foreign city. It was beautiful and I was hooked, wanderlust took over and hasn’t let up since.



TV Tower in Berlin

One of my favorite travel pictures from our first trip together…in Berlin


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