Happy Hour with Shades: Decision 2012….The Birth of Reykjavik

In 2006 Bryan and I were just two dudes sharing an apartment.  We had our whole lives in front of us. In early 2006 Bryan had just come home with his new issue of GQ magazine and was thumbing through the pages.  The topic of vacation had been on the table for several weeks. As fate would have it in that very copy of GQ that Bryan was holding, was an article of the best destinations for single men.  At the top of that list was Reykjavik, Iceland.   After about a weeks’ worth of research we realized that Reykjavik was a bit out of our price range, so we went to one of other top 5 best destinations for single men, which was Dublin.  We don’t regret the decision and we had a great time in Dublin accompanied by an erotic adventure.  Think of late night show Red Shoe Diaries on Showtime.  If you are around my age and you are a man you will get my obscure David Duchovny reference.

Fast forward six years to 2012.  Bryan and I are no longer single and we have escalated in the hierarchy of the tax brackets.  So about four weeks ago we held the annual “Texas Sojourners Vacation and Meat and Cheese Tasters of the South Annual Meeting”.  We would also like to thank Central Market for their array of beautiful salted and dried meats and luscious chesses. As we filled our souls and arteries with delicious meats and cheeses we discussed destinations for 2012.  Spain, Italy and England all came up in the discussion.  But Bryan and I dropped the bomb……Iceland….BAM!!!  The room was a flurry with talk and speculation. The girls had a sidebar discussion and after Bryan and I offered them a few more drinks, and to buy them something shiny, the decision was unanimous…Iceland. 

Now we have our house rented, plane tickets purchased and the countdown is on.  If you have ever been to Reykjavik or have been to Iceland, let us know–and drop us some tips or suggestions of things to see or do.  We would love to hear from you!

Anyone know how to say cheers in Icelandic?


3 thoughts on “Happy Hour with Shades: Decision 2012….The Birth of Reykjavik

    1. We are going in October for a week. We weren’t planning on renting a car, but should we? We are renting an apartment in the city, but staying one night at the Blue Lagoon. We haven’t nailed down what we want to do yet, so open to everything! Love your blog!

      1. Well, you have quite a lot of possibilities…I think it depends on how independent you want to be (ie you rent a car and go out from the city and do some day trips driving yourself) or not (ie you go on the organised bus tours instead). There’s certainly a lot to do in the city and I would never get bored there 🙂 but you should see something more of Iceland too – even if it’s just the standard Golden Circle tour for a day.

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