Running Toward Vacation!

Now that B and I have started to settle back into life in Tejas, we decided it was time to find a hobby to pass the time until vacation. After a failed attempt at painting and an even bigger failed attempt at baking (mostly on my part), we decided to take our hobby pursuits outdoors. We both love to travel (obviously); we both love the outdoors and we both kinda sorta like to run–so we decided to make our offical hobby running and train for a marathon. Well, a half-marathon anyway.

Is it just me or does it seem like everyone in their early 30s trains for a marathon at some point? I really feel like it’s a hobby couples take on pre-baby, post-party scene. Um, well, yep–that’s where we’re at…so bring on the stereotypical 30-something running hobby! Although I may sound sarcastic, I have to tell you, so far I’m really enjoying this whole running thing. I’ve always been pretty active but I’ve never really pushed myself to see just how far, or how long I could run. Having a running partner certainly helps. I give huge props to people who can go out and run for miles on end without a running buddy or music. I don’t think I could do that.

Participating in half-marathons has also been the perfect solution to temporarily cure our wanderlust. Two weeks ago we ran in the Livestrong Half Marathon in Austin. To our surprise, we finished the half in a little over two hours–not too bad for our first go at it. Next on the list is a half-marathon in Oklahoma City in late April. Not only do we get to take fun little roadtrips, but running 13.2 miles through a city is like taking a really long walking tour (minus the guide, plus some sweat and soreness).

State Capital in Austin at 6AM right before the big race.

Another perk to running marathons; carbo loading! We took this a little to the extreme in Austin, as you will see from the disgusting aftermath left at Hut’s Burgers. Probably won’t be filling up on burgers, onion rings and french fries the night before a big run next time. Or…maybe we will. Either way, no regrets, because it was SO good! For you fellow vegetarians out there, FYI–they have a really great veggie burger option.

It probably would have been better to take a before picture…



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