When in Reykjavik…

North Texas was gloomy and rainy for the most part of the weekend. The poopy weather was the perfect opportunity (and excuse) to sit in our PJs all weekend and study up on Iceland! We came across a ton of great sites and videos that have us even more pumped and impatient to get this vacation going.
Our favorite site, Icelandwantstobeyourfriend.com, led us to the decision to add an addendum to our “hobby” for 2012 vacation countdown. If you read the last post you know we are on a half-marathon running trek to pass the time. Beyond that, we were hoping to get something crafty going and thanks to this little video, I think we found it.

How to knit like an Icelandic man from Iceland on Vimeo.

Crocheting? Who would have guessed it? Just last week, we read about the great yarn stores in Reykjavik on another new favorite blog, idratherbeiniceland.wordpress.com. So it’s like the universe is telling us it’s time to get those knitting needles out and get to work. I attempted to crochet once but the end result was the equivalent of a four foot loopy shoelace; so lessons will definitely be necessary. Our goal is to get it down well enough to be able to make something (anything), buy some yarn in Reykjavik, then come back home and make a really cook keepsake. Like say…a potholder! Just kidding. We’re hoping for at least a scarf.

Yes, for those of you curious, Bryan and Shades are on board to take knitting and/or crochet classes, too! We are going to make it our mission to start a crocheting revolution in bars across the U.S. We’ll be sure and keep you posted on our progress.

J & B

5 thoughts on “When in Reykjavik…

  1. I’m sure you can make a scarf. 🙂 But then you might lose your motivation a bit when you say all the great already-knitted-things that you can buy! I need to start my next pair of TV socks and a hat, but losing motivation now that the weather is warming up here.

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