Shade’s Guide to Going Green

So one of the big traditions my friends and I participate in every year is the Dallas St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Some one hundred thousand people line Greenville Avenue in Dallas to watch a parade, visit the block party and listen to some music, oh and I almost forgot consume copious amounts of alcohol.

The parade in Dallas is typically held the Saturday before St. Patrick’s Day, this year as you know St. Patrick’s Day fell on a Saturday.  This meant that the festivities for the weekend would start on a Friday and not Friday night. I mean taking off work and getting down to hold your spot by Friday lunch for a parade that does not start for another twenty four hours.

This year I was able to get my same spot in the parking lot of Ozona’s by being at Ozona’s by 11:45 a.m. Friday.  To ensure my spot and to keep an eye on my truck I was forced, forced I tell you, to sit out on their patio for almost twelve hours and enjoy cold Shiner Bock beer all day Friday in preparation of the Parade.

Saturday is an early day. You rise at 6:15 a.m. and are dressed and in your spot by 7:00 a.m. if you are not, chances are your car or truck may be there but people possibly have the area surrounding your automobile filled with chairs and make shift mini-bars. With a keg of Pabst Blue Ribbon on ice, an impromptu bloody mary bar setup and over two hundred Jell-O shots, we were ready for the day to begin.

By 10:00 a.m. ten’s of thousands of people have lined the streets, bars are packed, music is playing and people are being pinched….you need to wear something green, if not prepare to be pinched. Iknow the parade starts sometime late morning to early afternoon, I can provide a specific time because typically by this point I have lost all track of time. The parade usually lasts for about an hour and a half to two hours, so I’m told.

After the parade finishes one hundred thousand people flood the streets and the party begins, by this time it is usually late afternoon and time for some lunch. Let me give you a veteran tip, most restaurants are going to be packed; so what I like to do is keep some Jack in the Box tacos that I have purchased in the morning inside my truck to have to snack on after the parade. Or these tacos as bartering tools; you would be surprised what drunken people would pay for a delicious Jack in the Box Taco.

After some taco’s, it is time to head to the concert and check out the music as the drinking and festivities continue.  From here on out you tend to lose your comrades; some aren’t made for the all day and all night celebration that is St. Patrick’s Day.

If you are ever in the big D and want to get your green on, look me up!




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