Iceland, Here We Come…in 146 Days

With 146 days to go until our trek to Iceland we’ve started our preliminary planning. Okay, yes, maybe it’s a little too preliminary but as we’ve said before, this is what we live for. Not a day-by-day itinerary or anything, just some things we’ve stumbled across that seem like fun, adventurous or interesting things to do. Some a little more interesting than others. One of the “attractions” we stumbled across is so bizarre that we kind of just have to go see it, well, because it’s just so damn bizarre.

So here’s what’s brewing in the 6-pack itinerary so far. If you have some good pointers, please send them our way. We’re still debating if we should rent a car or just rely on public transit to get around. If you’ve been and have some insight, please let us know!

We’ve rented an apartment in downtown Reykjavik so that will serve as our home base. One of the nights we will be venturing out and staying at the Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa. I can safely say this is the part of the trip the ladies of 6-pack are most excited for. Although, I think the guys are, too. Lindsey (Shade’s special lady) and I just need to convince Shades that a Texas flag print speedo is really not the best route to go. Fingers crossed we can use our power of persuasion. Check out this live webcam of the spa. That will be us in just 4.5 months!

Blue Lagoon, Iceland
*Flickr J Roesmann*

Next on the list a hike/tour of Iceland’s Golden Circle and an up close look at the geysers. This isn’t necessarily the exact tour we will go on but it’s definitely something we want to see.

A Glacier Tour–the thought of seeing something so breathtaking in person is just amazing.

Iceland 1
*Flickr blessedlikethat *

For the cute factor, we have to go check out the Puffins and not the Hugh Hefner kind (bad Girls Next Door reference).

Atlantic Puffin, Iceland
*Flickr altheone*

We’re also considering a day or overnight trip to West Fjords, Iceland. It looks absolutely beautiful and we’d really like to explore a few different areas of Iceland.

These are just a few of the things we know we want to do. Of course, there will be the usual sampling of beers, local nom-noms and our standard bicycle tour. We love a good city bicycle tour! Oh, and how could I forget…the Iceland Phallogical Museum. A museum completely dedicated to…well, if you don’t know what phallogical means, look it up.



4 thoughts on “Iceland, Here We Come…in 146 Days

  1. Public transport is possible but would be pretty limiting and involve quite a lot of planning. Hitchhiking is possible and many people do it. I would get a car, although you could also just stay in Reykjavik and do some of the things you mentioned as part of a day long bus tour.

    I’m not sure exactly when you are going, but if it’s September you may not see puffins as they fly south after the summer – sorry!

    I’m excited for you as going somewhere for the first time is always the most most exciting time to see it.

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