Mixed Travel Emotions

Usually the day before a trip feels like Christmas Eve. Bryan and I pack and re-pack with excitement and anticipation of what’s to come. Tonight we are taking off for a long weekend in Los Angeles. We’ve been back in Texas for about six months after living in L.A. for four years. Maybe that’s why we don’t have the usual butterflies; we know what we’re about to see.

It was my lifelong dream to live in work in L.A. (Bryan’s, too) and we were lucky enough to fulfill that dream (for the most part). We have a lot of really great memories of our time in L.A., and some not so great memories. It’s a hard place to live and it’s a great place to live. We don’t regret our decision to move back to Texas. It’s home and it’s affordable. Living in Texas allows us more opportunities to do what we love the most –travel. My question is…will we go on this trip and feel any major longing for what we had? Or will we sit in traffic for an hour to slowly poke five miles and be like, okay, yes, we definitely made the right decision to leave!

My hope is that we will only feel nostalgia as we visit our favorite places and see our Angeleno friends. A satisfaction and sense of gratitude that we were able to fulfill a dream and now it’s time to move on to the next. I guess really, it’s a decision we need to make rather than a hope. Life is about change and new opportunities, closing doors and opening new ones, right?



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