Travel Memories: What Will Stand Out When You’re Old and Gray?

The old ball & chain and I were talking about a few of life’s little queries the other night. Reminiscing on our six years together; life before we met (which mostly consisted of late nights and bad choices at the Whataburger drive-thru at 2AM) and what the future holds. I love thinking about what the future holds. It’s so unknown.

I have a bad habit of thinking too far into the future sometimes, not living in the “now” enough. Sometimes my daydreams of what’s to come turn into over-analyzing, scrutiny, worry and eventually in most cases, a big fat pimple. I’m really trying to combat this habit. Not just because I like clear skin, but because I know the more I obsess about what’s to come, the more I am going to miss out on what’s happening right now. It’s something I’m working on.

So if I can’t obsess about the future—why not dwell on the past?! I kid, I kid. One of the best things about traveling is making memories. Taking photos that you can share with generations to come, making friends from different walks of life. Stories, faces, places, tastes, thrills, sensation—traveling is the ultimate high.

Every trip we go on we always shoot tons of video. Usually about a month after a trip I put my college TV production skills to use to cut together a fun video—kind of like our own little travel show (or 80s style music video if I decide to get funky with the transitions). If it wasn’t chocked full of licensed music, I’d totally share it here. We love those videos. We watch them over and over and over again. For me, editing, adding narration and just reliving those moments is the best. It’s like taking the trip all over again. So I started thinking it could be fun to cut together a video with some of our favorite memories from all of our trips. Kind of like a mini-video postcard to ourselves. Something we can watch when we are old; when memories have faded and daydreaming about the future isn’t as enticing.

I asked Bryan and Shades for their top five travel memories of all time. Not just together as a group but in general. If you could send the old and memory-less you in the future your favorite travel experiences…what would they be? What would that story look like to the “older you?” It’s kind of weird to think about. So weird to think about, I haven’t been able to narrow mine down.

Bryan and Shades didn’t know why I was asking them for this, other than I needed something to post. So here are the boys of the 6-pack’s favorites travel memories. What are yours? Still thinking on mine…

Here’s to the memories!



Bryan’s Top 5 Travel Memories 

1. Standing in line to enter Oktoberfest in Munich (nervous and excited about what lie ahead).

Oktoberfest 2011
Oktoberfest 2011

2. Going to Brouwerij ‘t IJ brewery in Amsterdam with my new wife on our honeymoon.

Amsterdam, 2008

3. First sip of Guinness at Temple Bar in Ireland on my very first trip overseas.

Dublin, Ireland 2006

4. Meeting new friends in Scotland and drinking the night away with them…and then coming very close to crashing an extravagant thirtieth birthday party.

Edinburgh, Scotland 2008

5. Getting off the train from Berlin to Amsterdam and feeling the excitement of finally stepping foot on a place that you had dreamed about going for years and it finally coming true.

Amsterdam, 2007

Shade’s Top Five Travel Memories 

5. Bryan and I had just arrived in Dublin and the elderly Irish gentlemen that we had stuck up a conversation with on the plane had offered to give us a ride to our house that we had rented in Sandymount neighborhood of Dublin.  As he dropped us off, he got out of the car as though he wanted to come in. There was this long and awkward silence accompanied by a stare between Bryan and I and this man. We were unsure if he was looking for money or some other kind of payment. That was my first interaction with someone on my first vacation overseas and I will probably always remember it.

Dublin, Ireland 2006

4.  When I was eleven my parents loaded my brother and I up and we made the 1,500 mile journey to Disneyland from Texas.  My dad had just put a camper cover over the truck bed.  For the road trip my dad put a mattress in the bed of the truck and my brother and I road all the way to Disneyland in the back of that truck.  My mom and dad in the front of the truck separated from the kids.  This was probably the best vacation that my parents had up to that point. My brother and I fought and argued the whole way, confined in the back of that truck, it was cramped, and it was hot.  But in retrospect now that I look back, it really was fun riding in the back of that truck for the 3,000 mile round trip.

3.  Grunewald Station on the S-Bahn line S7, a cold and grey afternoon in 2007.  Bryan and I sat at a little restaurant/tavern down the street from the train station, drinking liters of beer, enjoying the quiet tranquility of the surrounding forest, discussing life and getting hammered while making prank calls to friends back in the States…claiming that we were calling from the future.  Good times!!

Berlin, Germany 2007

2. 2011 Oktoberfest….I can still smell the beer. Too many memories and great moments.  I will return to Munich!

Shades, Oktoberfest 2011
Oktoberfest, Munich 2011

1.  I had been going to California to visit Bryan and Jessica since they had moved out there in 2008.  They would take me to the touristy spots and we would visit different cities. Really nothing stands out about those vacations except for the last trip I took out there.  The last vacation out to Los Angeles I went with the person who I will take on all my vacations going forward. So that last trip to Los Angeles, our first trip together, was pretty memorable.

Bluebonnet’s first trip with the gang. Cheers to many more!

Santa Monica, CA 2011

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