Travel Memories: What Will Stand Out When You’re Old & Gray Part Deux

Last week Bryan and Shade’s shared their favorite travel memories. The moments in time that ten, twenty or fifty years from now will resonate most in their minds. Even though I initiated the question, I couldn’t for the life of me think of my own.

For one, I am indecisive (about most everything in life), so narrowing it down to five was nearly impossible. Even the “bad” or “scary” moments I’ve encountered on a trip usually turn out to be some of the best memories or funniest stories. In addition to being indecisive I can openly admit that I can be long-winded, so I am going to break mine down into a few posts. Otherwise, this could turn into a novel.

5. Like Shades, my first travel memory is one of my favorite. Growing up, my family didn’t really have the opportunity to travel that often. In fact, my one and only true childhood vacation was to Disney World when I was eight. My grandparents took our entire extended family to the most magical place on earth. This was no easy feat as we have a huge family. Every grandkid, mom, dad, aunt, uncle–heck, probably even some weird third cousins twice-removed came along. There was a gaggle of at least thirty of us and it was awesome.

Prior to this trip, I’d never set foot in an airport, let alone traveled on a plane or even stayed in a hotel. I’ll never forget boarding the Braniff flight, sitting in between my parents so unbelievably excited about what was to come; my mom grinning ear-to-ear, my dad clenching to the arm rests for dear life (he hates to fly). The flight attendants offering my brother and I each our own can of TAB. An entire can of TAB all to ourselves!? Where was I? I felt like royalty just sitting on a plane (and if memory serves, I think we were on the second to last row). I’ll also never forget about half the adults in my family puffing on cigarettes the whole way there. It was the mid-80s when you could still smoke on a plane. So bizarre to even conceive now!

For a long time I swore up and down that when Bryan and I have kids we will never take them to Disney World; not with all the other amazing places in the world to discover. But now, as I write this and look back on old photos, I think I’ve changed my mind. When you’re a kid, I don’t know if there really is any place more enchanting or exciting.

My brother to the far left, me looking uncomfortable (and well fed), a portion of the gaggle of cousins and my Paw Paw.

My grandparents (Paw Paw pictured above) traveled all over the world during their time. They never met a stranger and had friends from sea to sea thanks to their travels. Even in the last months of my granny’s life she traveled. Although she couldn’t fully enjoy the trip as she should have, she went. The picture below is a Rand McNally map that use to hang in my grandparent’s home. Every time they returned from a trip, they would add a pin. I could point to any pin on that map and my granny would have a vivid story to tell. Now, Bryan and I have the map. My goal is to add our own pins right next to theirs; maybe even a few more.

To be continued…



2 thoughts on “Travel Memories: What Will Stand Out When You’re Old & Gray Part Deux

  1. I have to agree with you about Disney World … I was the same, why go there when you’ve picnicked at the Pyramids?! But I have to say – we have 5 kids and everyone of them was happy from 6am to midnight. Not a cross word, fight, nothing – It is truly the magic kingdom! Fun blog.

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