The Sweet Taste of Berlin

Bryan & Shades’ Berlin Beer Must Sips…


Vacation has so many great things to offer a weary traveler but few things stack-up to cracking open that first beer once you’ve reached your destination. It’s like a reward for getting to the airport, sitting in a cramped seat for a nine hour flight and trying to find where you are staying. While we have traveled and had “that first beer” on several occasions, few measure up to the first beer in Berlin, Germany.

Berlin, Germany 2007

When we were in Berlin, the first thing Shades and I did after finding our rental house was venture to the local beer store. I remember it was so cold and so much fun to just be walking along the streets in Berlin; a place I’d wanted to go since I was very young. I remember walking into the store and grabbing several random beers and one in particular that had a bear on it. I think the main reason I grabbed it is because I liked the bear on the label! Once I tasted it I was hooked for life–Berliner Pilsner is by far one the best beers that I have ever had.  It’s light and crisp and taste just like a beer should. That was my first beer and my only beer the rest of the trip. To me, it’s that good!

If you happen to be reading this from Berlin, please send some to the U.S.!



Berlin, Germany 2007



When in Berlin I had to visit the Prater Garten.  This is one of, if not the oldest  beer gardens in Germany.  Bryan and I stopped here midway through a bike ride through Berlin.  We had both the Prater Pils and the Prater Schwarzbier. We also enjoyed a sausage on a roll and a pork chop on a roll from the grill. These delicacies were a great compliment to our beers.

Berlin, Germany 2007

On a cool fall day, sitting underneath the chestnut trees with the sun shinning, meeting and talking with friendly table mates and great people watching–you can’t go wrong at the Pratergarten.  To me this is Berlin, this is Germany.

Berlin, Germany 2007

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