Post Knot Tying Vacay…

Now that I am no longer the last man standing, my bride to be has begun the process of planning a wedding. October 28th of 2013 is our estimated knot tying day. With that being said she gets the pleasure of planning a wedding (I just write the checks, sell blood and other odd items around the house to finance said event) and I get the pleasure of planning a honeymoon (I originally suggested Galveston, TX but was shot down immediately).

So with that being said we have started to toss around a few ideas of where we would like to go for a honeymoon. She wants someplace where she can lay on the beach and sun it up and I want someplace other than the beach. So we are looking for a compromise. I was thinking Greece or maybe Spain. Both have beaches, sights to see and nightlife.

Has anyone been to Spain or Greece? I’m open for suggestions. Where did you go on your honeymoon or where would you like to go?


P.S. 91 days until Iceland….BAM!

2 thoughts on “Post Knot Tying Vacay…

  1. Kristi

    I’ve been to Greece, and I loved it!!!! I don’t think it’s beach weather there (or any where in Europe) in late October, so maybe look at places with the right climate before you narrow it down to a continent! What about Chile or somewhere in South America?

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