Meet Bluebonnet

Bluebonnet aka “Shades special lady friend,” aka Lindsey will be taking her first big excursion with the 6-pack crew in three short weeks. I am ecstatic to have a female compadre to travel to Iceland with. Not that I don’t adore Shades and Bryan but a gal can only take so many movie quotes, obnoxious Rangers chants and sharing a toilet with two dudes alone–I need someone to commiserate with!

With a new travel companion also comes new sleeping arrangements. Gone are the days of Shades crashing on the floor, the foldout couch or in the case of Munich last year…the bathtub. As a spoken for man he will be expected to provide suitable sleeping arrangements for his future wife. The house we’re renting in Iceland has one formal bedroom and one loft-style bedroom that’s kind of out in the open for all to see. Shades and Bryan have placed a wager to determine which couple gets the “real” bedroom. The fantasy football team that has the most wins by the week of the trip gets the bedroom. Go Killer Bs!

We asked Shades to interview Bluebonnet to get a feel for just what kind of traveler his future wife is. So without further ado, meet Bluebonnet!

Cheers! -Jessica

What are you most looking forward to when you take your trip to Iceland? – All of it! With this being my first overseas trip, I am looking forward to everything. From walking around exploring the city, the adventurous excursions, the day/night we have planned at the Blue Lagoon, the food, the drinks and of course the souvenirs! 

What has been your best trip to date? – Cabo, I love the beach!

What is your favorite thing about traveling?- Seeing new places!

What do you most like about traveling with Shades? – Will let you know once we get back from Iceland ; )

How do you feel about the gentlemen’s wager between Shades and Bryan for the Master bedroom. – Considering Shade’s past wagers, I am a little nervous.

Do you think Gunther, our landlord in Iceland will be hot? – Have you ever met a Gunther that was not hot??

Where would  you like to go next year? – The list is endless… Ireland, Greece, Spain, Croatia, San Francisco, Chicago, Seattle, Canada, Charleston.

Do you ever see yourself taking a cruise? – A cruise would not be my first choice. Titanic anyone? Kidding! One day I think it would be fun to go on an Alaskan, Northeast (USA) or a Mediterranean cruise.

If you were a tree what type of tree would you be? – Stenocarpus sinuatus

What are your traveling turn offs? – Going through security at the airport. I always get nervous standing in line to go through the metal detectors. I am afraid that I will get chosen to get the full body pat down. Keeping my fingers crossed that I never have to experience that!!


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