To Iceland with Love

Nearly a month has passed since we returned from Iceland and I can say without a doubt I’ve been suffering from the worst vacation hangover to date. I feel like I have been in mourning for the past few weeks. It’s as if I’ve been trying to recover from a bad break-up…or a 9 day rendezvous with a giant island.

I’m officially in love with Iceland. I’ve never been anywhere that’s left me with such a yearning for more. The landscape is flawless; an innocent kind of beauty that is so alien to anything I’ve ever seen. The lava fields, the glaciers, the immaculate water in the Silfra Crack–the stark contrast of the terrain is completely intoxicating.

There were times during the trip when I would look around and just take a minute to relish in the fact that we were truly in the middle of nowhere. So far from our everyday lives, and so far from reality. It was awesome.

On more than one occasion Icleanders we met told us, “if you come to Iceland for less than 10 days, you’ll be back.” I know they’re right. The minute our plane landed back in the states all I could think about was how, and when, we would get back to Iceland. Seriously. I really think I could be obsessed.

It’s going to take me several posts to do the trip and the country justice.  I’m okay with that, as it will allow me to relieve every special moment of our time in Iceland.

Beyond the beauty of land, the excursions, the food (and of course the beer), the best and most memorable aspect of this trip is the people we we’re lucky enough to meet. Icelanders have a special spirit; inviting and intriguing.

Oh yes, and the elves, I mustn’t forget about the elves but we’ll get to them later.



14 thoughts on “To Iceland with Love

  1. We, too, loved our visit. The hiking was terrific, the landscapes more beautiful than anywhere we’ve been. When we blogged about Iceland – did the photos and narrative do it justice? We agree – it’s just really special!

  2. I still find it fun to look at photos from past trips. I’m going to make a photo book of them some time. If you aren’t there, the next best thing is reading about other people’s trips so I’m looking forward to reading more about yours. 🙂

  3. I spent 6 weeks in Iceland this past June/July and I am still in mourning every day… I haven’t traveled much, but my great-grandparents emigrated from Iceland in the 1880s and I can’t imagine feeling more immediately at home and connected to a place than I did while there. I started a blog to document my journey and I find that I can’t stop writing even though I’ve been home for months now.

    1. That is so awesome that you were able to spend so much time there. It is a magical place. I think anyone who has been there feels the same way. I can’t wait to go back! That’s so cool that you got to discover your heritage. We will definitely check out your blog!

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