Taste the Saga that is Iceland!

There are countless breathtaking sights to see and one-of-a-kind experiences to have in Iceland. Excursions like snowmobiling, glacier hiking, snorkeling in crystal clear waters—all of which are AMAZING. However, what would any 6-Pack vacation be without a trip to the local brewery? It may not be the most scenic activity but it’s always a good time and in Iceland it was no different.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again…we love beer. We like to sample new brews and it’s really quite interesting to see how beer is made. A good brewery tour is like being in one of those Sesame Street behind the scenes segments where you get a peek at how stuff is made (but with alcohol and without a cool 70s instrumental song in the background).

We took the Olgerdin Brewery Taste the Saga tour in Reykjavik on night one of our journey. The tour included a ride from the city center directly to the brewery (about 10 minutes). When we boarded the bus we immediately noticed a rowdy group in the back throwing around lots of “y’alls” in conversation. Not your typical Icelandic slang. Our Texdar (Texan radar) immediately went into full throttle. Come to find out the group was from Dallas and lived just down the road from Shades and Lindsey. Small world!

When we first arrived to the brewery we were a little skeptical; the tour began in a really sterile conference room. The tour guide was a younger woman dressed like she was ready for a long day of crunching numbers. I felt like I was settling in for a meeting at work and someone was going to bust out a PowerPoint presentation. Alas, never judge a book by its cover.

The tour did in fact start off in a sterile conference room and included slides (but not a PowerPoint) about the history of Olgerdin, beer in Iceland, when beer was banned in Iceland (ah!) and the different types of beer Olgerdin makes. Now, generally, this might sound kind of boring for a vacation activity. However, the tour guide made it so fun and entertaining! She was actually much more like a one woman show. Jumping in and out of character as she told each story, using voices, dancing, singing–it was quite hilarious.

Each story included a different beer tasting. Icelandic beers are much more bubbly than American beers. Personally, I kind of liked the extra fizz. The most interesting/disgusting/memorable/still can’t get the taste out of my mouth beers was a concoction of sorts. A Gull (pilsner) mixed with a Egils Appelsin (similar to orange soda) mixed with a healthy dollop of Brenivin, otherwise known as black death (and for good reason). It’s like drinking turpentine mixed with licorice mixed with cat litter.

After the tastings, came the actual tour of the facility; an insider’s look at where all the magic happens. Oh, and you have to (GET TO!) wear a hairnet. Bryan and Shades didn’t seem to mind.

Olgerdin Brewery Tour: Shades, Tour Guide, Bryan
Olgerdin Brewmaster

All in all, I’d recommend this tour to the beer lovers out there. You get to sample a variety of beers, have some laughs, meet new people and taste that saga that is Iceland.



Check out TinyIceland.com to book your Taste the Saga Tour! http://tinyiceland.com/tours/details/taste-the-saga

5 thoughts on “Taste the Saga that is Iceland!

  1. Hey, just got back from Reykjavik myself and found your blog when I was doing a little research on the beer tour (I couldn’t remember the name of the brewery or tour….mind was a little fuzzy afterwards) for my own post. Anyhow really enjoyed your writing style and reading through your blog. You guys seem to pick some fun trips. Skal!

      1. We did, but wish I was able to see more. We loved Reykjavik and stayed there for an entire week but like you guys went glacier snowmobiling and snorkeling. We rented a car for two days and drove to Hveragerdi one afternoon, which is 40 minutes east of the city. There’s an awesome hike there that leads to a hot spring River that I literally will recommend to anyone. We also drove the south ring road one day to the big eastern glacier (whose name escapes me and which I’m too lazy to look up) and the Jorksalon glacial lagoon which was very cool. I’d like to go back and drive and camp the entire ring road.

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