Happy Hour with Shades: An Open Letter

An Open Letter to Ms. Laureen Ong, President-Travel Channel

So my career as a fulltime professional fantasy football manager has yet to come to fruition. I have yet to find a sponsor to help make this dream come true. I have looked for corporate, public, and private sponsors (elderly women with the means to sponsor such a creative young man)…but yet, this dream has eluded me. So I have no choice but to reach deep into my sack full of dreams and pull out the next one. To fulfill this next dream I’m going to need The Travel Channel to help me out. I’m willing to have my own show on your Network and visit interesting and exotic places. All the while, I can drink and mingle with the locals and share insight about their interesting and unique cities.

My resume is quite extensive when it comes to travel. Not to name drop, but I have been to Nacogdoches, TX; Ruston, LA; Beulah, MS; Goodsprings, NV and even Slab Fork, WV. Allow me to visit such great destinations as the aforementioned, with my naturally rambunctious personality, and I’m sure we can provide top-quality entertainment for the great people of this country.

Ms. Ong, I’m hoping to hear from you and if we need to shoot a pilot, just let me know. Or I can provide you a video sample with some great commentary with two people who I know would make great co-hosts. My passport is valid and my schedule is pretty wide open since fantasy football season is over.






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