California Dreamin’ of Venice Beach

It’s been a little over a year since we moved back to Texas from Los Angeles. Don’t get me wrong, we couldn’t be happier to be back. It was our choice to return–it’s home. There’s a strange magnetic force about the Lone Star State that seems to lure people back. I’ve known several people who’ve moved away only to return years later. However, we can also openly admit that we miss California–the sunsets, the weather, the people watching, the possibilities.

Venice Beach, CA

There’s an energy in Los Angeles that can’t be duplicated. It’s where dreams go to flourish and where dreams go to die. Around every corner, in every neighborhood there is so much life happening. Constantly. There’s also a helluva lot of traffic. Constantly.

Picture 083
Venice Beach, CA

One of our favorite things to do in L.A. was to ride our bikes along the paths from Santa Monica to Venice Beach. The two mile stretch is a transition from vanilla to an insane melting pot of free spirits from all walks of life. It’s quite possibly the best people watching you’ll find. On the weekends, usually near sunset, groups of people gather to create a huge drum circle on the beach. Men, women, children, stoners, tourists and incognito business men alike gather to dance, chant and gawk. Everyone is an equal in the drum circle.

Drum Circle, Venice Beach, CA

Sometimes the thumping of the drums last for minutes, other times for hours. It’s amazing that so many strangers can come together and make one uniform melody. The beating of the drums dances in the sand, vibrating through the tips of your toes. From a distance the drumming sounds like a faint pitter patter. Up close you’re immersed into a booming tribal trance with gyrating, singing and quite frankly, lots of b.o. It’s sensory overload in the best possible form.

Drum Circle-Venice Beach, CA

The first time we came across the drum circle we were overwhelmed. It was so very different from anything we’d ever seen or experienced in Texas (which also made it so awesome). It’s by far one of my favorite memories of living in L.A. Like traveling, living in different cities allows you to have so many new experiences; you learn so much about yourself being away from home. I’ll always be grateful for that time away and now, I’m grateful to be back. If you’re ever in Los Angeles, grab some bongos, kick-off your shoes, leave your egos in your luggage and dance your cares away at the Venice Beach drum circle.



wedding photocard
Venice Beach, CA
Drum Circle-Venice Beach, CA
Drum Circle-Venice Beach, CA

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