Travel Outtakes: The Great Haggis Smuggle

You can plan and plan, and plan some more but no trip is perfect. We’ve all had travel hiccups. Some are pretty simple and forgettable, others leave you sleeping in a bathtub in Munich. These are the stories that should have stayed on the cutting room floor…

Travel Outtake: The Great Haggis Smuggle

So, remember that time you tried to carry-on multiple cans of Haggis on a transatlantic flight? Oh wait, that was Shades. Shades is a giver; always shopping for the perfect souvenir for everyone on his list (and the dude has a long list). On a trip to Scotland a few years ago, Shades found the perfect gift for his father. A gift he thought embodied the heart and soul of Scotland–Haggis. Oh, but not just one can of Haggis mind you, several cans of Haggis. Where did these cans of this delicious delicacy go? In Shades’ backpack of course! Blame it on the Belhaven hangover or staying up late to channel the spirit of William Wallace. Either way, Shades forgot to pack the sloshing meat mixture in his checked bag.

After a good half-hour of haggling with TSA, a full bag search, a pat down and body scan, poor Shades was left to board the flight home sans Haggis. He’s damn lucky they didn’t conduct a cavity search. If there was another can of Haggis somewhere that shall remain nameless, we don’t want to know! Who knew cans of sheep innards could be considered a deadly weapon?

Cheers & bon appetit!


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