Happy Hour with Shades: Shades Shares a Travel Tip

One of the purposes of our blog is to share our knowledge and our experiences of traveling with the intention of making your trip more enjoyable. Every once in awhile I like to give you a little gold travel nugget of advice–just something to help you out in your journeys and adventures.

My nugget of advice this time should be common sense and should be one of the first things you do when you pack for a trip…check the weather. It seems like something any rational person would do but I’m not rational and at times I’m not logical. Have you seen my ramblings on Facebook or YouTube?

In 2011, Bryan, Jessica and I were able to scratch something off of the proverbial bucket list; we went to Oktoberfest. While in Munich, we figured it would be a great jumping-off point to see a few other places. So we included Salzburg and Prague in our trip.

So I’m thinking Europe in the fall (which I have been to Europe several times in the fall) will be cooler and I should pack warmer clothes. Putting my packing list together off of experience instead of rational logic ended up hamstringing me in the end. Apparently that fall there was a heat wave that hit Europe and I was unaware of the higher than unusual temperatures forecasted. I packed jeans, long pants, long sleeve shirts, sweaters and one pair of blue cargo shorts. One.


I was forced to wear those shorts, every day for 9 days. Bryan had to make an emergency shorts purchase so that he could make it through the day without sweating. If Bryan is sweating, then you know I look like I just stepped out of the shower. I was lucky I had packed at least one pair of shorts because there are not any Chalmer’s Big and Tall Shops in Europe.


As you can see, my blue shorts made quite the fashion statement the entire time we were abroad. Note how I have a subtle mixture of t-shirts, dress shirts and wind breakers to draw your attention away from the lovely Ralph Lauren Blue Cargo Shorts (I also have them in red).


Don’t be like Shades! Check the weather and know before you go. In the words of my childhood hero “knowing is half the battle.” GO-JOE!





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