Travel Outtakes: The Hostel

You can plan and plan, and plan some more but no trip is perfect. We’ve all had travel hiccups. Some are pretty simple and forgettable, others leave you sleeping in a bathtub in Munich. These are the stories that should have stayed on the cutting room floor…

Travel Outtakes: The Hostel 

Nearly every seasoned traveler has stayed in a hostel at some point in their journey. Be it convenience or budget, sometimes a hostel is a great option. Sometimes…it’s not. Over the  years the 6-pack crew have shared many a hotel room together. It keeps costs down and usually we’re so tired after a day of sightseeing, we’d pretty much pass out on a bail of hay if the price was right. We’re not boushie travelers. However, if something ever seems too good to be true, life lesson learned, it usually is. Several years ago we had what could only be described as a 22-hour bender in Amsterdam. Truly, it was the closest we’ve ever come to living out a scene from The Hangover. It was so much fun. Knowing we’d only need a place to crash for a few hours before we caught a train to our next destination, we decided a hostel would do, and one room with two double beds would suit us just fine. We settled on the Hotel Sphinx for $88 a night. The reviews were decent and the room came with a private bath. Done and done.

DSCF0657Worn out and experiencing a full on case of the travel dizzies, we arrived to the Sphinx ready to crash. Upon checking-in we learned that the hostel was completely full; it was a good thing we booked weeks in advance. Keys handed over we were on our way to shut-eye. Up a narrow flight of stairs we trudged and wearily opened the door to find this…


One tiny full-sized bed. Three grown adults. If you’ve ever seen the movie Planes Trains and Automobiles, the scene with John Candy and Steve Martin sharing the hotel room played out in my mind. This was not going to be good. To add insult to injury, this was also the day poor Shades made a rookie travel mistake and wore a brand new pair of Converse for the first time. The result–bloody feet and a stinky, stinky mess. We made the best of the situation as good travelers do and somehow managed to  maneuver ourselves into semi-sitting, half-sleeping positions and kinda sorta dozed off. Shades put it best when he described it as the equivalent of “sharing the hood of a car.” That’s pretty much exactly what it was like. The good news, for the price, the hostel was adequate, clean and had a friendly staff. Had the hostel not been booked to the gills, we could have easily switched rooms. But as luck would have it we were destined to have a John Hughes moment and a story to share.



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