Pull My Finger

By now I am certain that at some point in your life, your gross uncle or someone has said the words “Pull my Finger” to you.  Has anyone ever asked you to go inside a damp and dark crypt and rub the finger of a mummy that is presumed to be 650 years old?  Well…this adventure can be yours to for the low, low price of $17 dollars at the St Michan’s Church in Dublin, Ireland.

To bore you with a quick history lesson the church was built in 1685 and unknowingly built upon a naturally occurring methane reserve. The methane reserve has been seeping through the ground for hundreds upon hundreds of years and has preserved the bodies that have found this church to be their everlasting resting place. Upon paying your entrance fee, a very lively and spirited Irish man will take you deep beneath the church and show you this amazing piece of history between his many smoke breaks. Don’t be scared…most of us have seen too many horror shows. I promise he will not bat you over the head and lock the gate behind you which I was certain that he was going to do numerous times.IMG_3028

As you walk through the crypts you will come upon the final resting place of four exposed tombs, of which the fourth exposed body is presumed to be a knight who fought in the crusades. Legend has it that when a crusader was buried his legs and arms were crossed forever marking them as a crusader.DSC02294

This particular tomb still has his legs crossed and because of poor care for hundreds of years now has his right arm exposed.  The legend goes on to say rubbing his exposed finger will bring you eternal luck. Maybe it was because the tour guide liked us, or maybe because at that time we were the only ones on the tour, he unlocked the gate guarding these tombs and looked me right in the eye and said, “hurry.” Shocked by his statement I first thought, this is where he is going to kill me, but after quick assurance I realized that he was going to allow me to touch the finger of the mummy! With my heart pounding I walked into the dark crypt and began to reach down to touch the exposed finger all the while knowing that this mummy was of course going to wake up and grab me and eat me. Let me remind you I have seen way too many horror stories! As I touched the finger it was exhilarating to know that I was touching a body that was not only a crusader but also over 650 years old.DSC02293

The best thing that I can describe the feeling against, is rubbing your finger down a candle. The exposed finger felt very waxy and dry. It all happened so quick I was back behind the gate in seconds, but I carry the luck with me forever! Has anyone else had the privilege? Please share you dead finger touching story, and should that be the standard part of the tour, please keep that to yourself and allow me to think that I got to do something that very few do!




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