The Dye Has Been Cast


I apologize for not getting any posts out sooner but my editor has not approved any of my material of late due to its credibility. There was my investigative report on the gnomes that live in the baggage carousel at the airport. There was my six months of work undercover looking into the harsh working conditions of an Irish Chuck traders mobile souvenir stand salesmen in Fiji. And most recently, my biggest and most in-depth report on the Deep South…how it is neither deep nor south.

So in less than four months I’ll make the eternal commitment of the holy matrimony…eternal until death do us part, then it’s back to my swinging bachelor ways.  So keeping in the western custom of holy matrimony we will be going on our honeymoon directly after said matrimony.

The future Mrs. Sharp and I debated back and forth for weeks on where our honeymoon destination would be.  These debates were as historic and as spectacular as the Lincoln-Douglas debates of yesteryear. After much back and forth, half a dozen pots of coffee, three arm wrestling matches and an intense round of charades we decided on Greece.

The next day, we scratched that idea and we re-decided on Spain.  After months of back and forth our mind was finally made up, we had chosen a honeymoon destination and yes we were relieved that we were headed to Croatia.  WAIT!  WHAT?  Yea, that is what I said, so Spain took a back seat and Croatia became the frontrunner.

So before there could be anymore debates, discussions, talks or conferences I ran to the computer and booked two tickets to Dubrovnik.  I had to do something! So this year’s trip/honeymoon will be in Croatia. Now I just have to figure out where we are going to stay and what we are going to do!

Any thoughts, suggestions?  Let the research begin.

Živjeli (cheers in Croatian)


Shades and the future Mrs. Shades (aka Bluebonnet) at Lebowski Bar in Reykjavik.
Shades and the future Mrs. Shades (aka Bluebonnet) at Lebowski Bar in Reykjavik.

6 thoughts on “The Dye Has Been Cast

  1. Dubrovniklady

    Congratulations! Croatia is a great choice, but need to know when you are coming, which airport you will fly into and what interests you. I can give you firsthand information about Dubrovnik, my retirement home. Please do contact me directly.

  2. Good choice! I’ve just come back from 4 nights there with the wife and we stayed in an Airbnb apartment in the Old Town just off the Main Street (it was called ‘Cosy Old Town Apartment’). There’s loads to do there – walk the city walls, cable-car, beaches, islands nearby, trips to Mostar/Montenegro etc etc. Enjoy!

      1. We didn’t have much luck with nice restaurants, so definitely try Dubrovniklady for tips (although we did like the bizarrely named “Lady Pi Pi”). Try and download yourself a free copy of In Your Pocket.

        As for beers, everywhere sells Ozujsko (hard to spell and pronounce) which is a good one. Others are PAN and Karlovacko which are not far behind. A lot of places sell Radler (beer with lemon) – it’s anly about 2.5%, but is good on hot days!

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