The Ultimate Countdown to October

Every January for the past seven years Bryan and I countdown to October, our favorite month of the year. Since we’ve been together October has always been the month we venture out on our annual trip overseas (and January is usually when we book the flights, apartment rental etc.). This year, we’re counting down to something much bigger– the trip of a lifetime you could say. A journey that will be full of ups and downs, discovery and adventure, joy and sometimes pain. This year we are counting down to the ultimate game changer…parenthood! In early October we will be welcoming our first child into the world (insert Home Alone scream here). It’s kind of ironic that the “planning” (if you will) happened in January and the baby will be born during our favorite month (assuming he/she doesn’t decide to have an extended stay in my belly or make an early debut).

We are so excited to show this new little person all of our favorite places and discover even more. We are already plotting where we want to take “Baby C” during his/her first few years: to Ireland to discover his/her Irish roots; to Iceland to meet his/her adopted “Aunt” Inga; to Scotland to see Stirling Castle and countless other places. Selfishly, we already have his/her first birthday trip planned…Oktoberfest 2015! Thank goodness it’s more acceptable to have a baby in a bar overseas.

Sure, he/she may not remember much and it’s possible he/she will be THAT baby who screams halfway across the Atlantic (please God no). Either way, we can’t wait to show “Baby C” the world. Now, Shades and Bluebonnet just need to get busy and we will truly have a six pack.

Cheers to parenthood!





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