Who We Are

A group of traveling Texans. We love to travel, meet interesting people, see beautiful sights and try new beers! We started our adventure together about seven ten years ago. Many of our travels have been shared with our good buddy, Shades and his better half. We’ve been to some amazing places together and can’t wait to discover more. We honestly started this blog out of boredom one day. It started off as a beer blog then transformed into a blah-blah-blah blog and finally our travel diary.

Spin the Globe

Who didn’t love that game as a kid? Take a spin, point a finger and voila! We’d like to say we’re uber-adventurous, and that’s how we plan all our excursions. Truth is, we’re not. We’re your average Joe and Jane who simply love good people and good times. We work hard at our 9 to 5s, so for a couple of weeks a year (and a bunch of weekends in between) we can have an adventure of a lifetime.

So how do we choose? We go with our gut. There are certain places you know you have to see. For some it’s simply the ocean–it doesn’t matter which one, just a big blue body of endless water. For others it’s the Eiffel Tower, the Great Barrier Reef or the remains of the Berlin Wall. Heck, it could even be as simple as Disneyland. The destination doesn’t matter; it’s the journey you take and the company you keep. Life is an adventure, see as much as you can. That…is our goal.

Grab a beer and join us as we reminisce on some of our favorite places and brews as we venture out to make new memories. Hopefully, we can offer a few tips, introduce you to some cool sights or at very least share a fun story.

To read about how our love for travel and beer began, start here:
Bryan & Jessica
Shades & Lindsey


*All photos, videos and ramblings are our own. Please don’t use without permission. Unless otherwise indicated, all images,videos and text on this blog are the property of A Six Pack of Stories and are subject to copyright.*

Contact: asixpackofstories@gmail.com

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