Passing the Torch

There are a few stupid comments you’re likely to hear when you’re pregnant. “Wow, you’re getting so big!” “Your life is about to change forever.” “Say goodbye to your social life,” and so on and so forth. All obvious statements no woman really needs to hear during the rollercoaster of emotion that is pregnancy. I’m pretty sure most of us in this situation a) notice our mid-sections
(and sometimes other areas) are significantly larger than they were three months ago and b) things are about to get crazy with a capital C.

Yes, most of us planned moms-to-be probably realized our lives would never be the same when we signed up for this thing called parenthood. I can’t imagine any woman intentionally gets pregnant with the thought, “hey, this won’t change a thing!” As for the social life, I think that’s a personal choice. If you want to become a hermit, I’m sure you can. If you make it a priority to still have a life, I’ve seen moms find that balance and I’m confident it’s possible. Most of these comments and the gamete of other silly things people say roll off my shoulders. I haven’t paid them a second thought and I know they weren’t said in malice (well, hopefully not anyway—ha, ha).

But back to the life changing forever comment… Deep inside we all know this is going to happen (and we don’t need anyone to remind us) but I think there is a pivotal moment when it really hits, when you realize one version of you is passing the torch on to the next. “Oh my God, I am going to be a mother.” I’m not saying life as you know it is over—that your fun loving, cocktail drinking, and spontaneous, career-driven self will be dead and gone. It will just be a different version of that girl. Right now, I’m not sure what that version of this girl will be…but I’m excited to meet her. And, I can honestly say I’m feeling slightly nostalgic about letting the old one go. It’s kind of fun to know a new chapter is about to start even if you haven’t finished the foreword.

Cheers to 15 weeks until parenthood!

Our little pony keg.
Our little pony keg.