Just a Girl in Love with Prague

That’s me. I love, love, love, Prague.

Prague is the perfect mix of old meets new. Walking around Prague just makes you feel cool. Sometimes I have a hard time describing places we visit because a) I am easily impressed b) everything new and different is beautiful to me and c) sometimes there’s no better way to describe something than with “amazing,” “awesome” and “gorgeous.” That pretty much sums up Prague. The ancient architecture, the Charles Bridge and David Cerny’s sculpture genius splattered about the city; Prague is awe-inspiring.

Before our trip I’d read that Prague was largely untouched by the destruction of WW2, but I guess I wasn’t prepared for how in-tact everything actually still is. Even the buildings with the most intricate details, like the Astronomical Clock (aka one of the most boring attractions ever) look for the most part, untouched. A couple of fellow travelers we met told us to skip the clock, but honestly, I’m glad we didn’t. At the top of every hour the clock puts on a show: The Walk of the Apostles. Okay, so it’s not really a show at all. A few ancient figurines creakily peek out do a couple of spins, and that’s pretty much that. However, the fact that it’s survived since 1410 is reason enough to check it out.

One of the best things about wandering around a new city is discovering little jewels. Places that weren’t on your list of things to see but end up being some of your favorites. After a long day of sightseeing we stumbled upon a great little beer garden along the Vltava River. A couple of local guys playing acoustic guitars occupied a small stage; they sang a variety of songs (American hits from the 90s included) as the sun set. Perfection. Oh yes, beer and peanuts were involved, too.


There are reminders of the former communist rule throughout the city. Some of them chilling, others provoking and some simply inspiring. Signing the John Lennon Peace wall, a place where so many others have stood, prayed, and scribed their hopes for peace was a very surreal experience. Even though you may not be able to read them, it’s really neat to see messages from all over the world right next to your own.

The day we went to Prague Castle it was as packed as the 405 freeway during rush hour. It was literally butt-to-butt. In spite of the monstrous crowd we managed to see quite a bit. There are different tour packages offered to allow guests to check out specific areas of the castle. We chose the shorter tour (which was still fairly long). My favorite building within the castle complex was Saint Vitus Cathedral. Its beauty rivals Notre Dame Cathedral. Another great aspect about the castle grounds is the view of city. The castle is situated on top of a hill and is a great place to snap a few panoramic photos of Prague.


Na Zdraví!


I almost forgot! Another great thing about Prague Castle–waffles on a stick! Pick one up from the street vendors at the base of the castle.