4-Wheeling in Iceland

Growing up rural Oklahoma and Texas one might assume it’s a natural progression to go from a stroller to a tricycle to the seat of a 4-wheeler, dirt bike…or horse. However, contrary to popular belief that’s not always the case. Bryan and I are citified country folk. We love our Oklahoman and Texan roots. We love the idea of riding horseback into the sunset, 4-wheeling through the muddy countryside and camping out under the stars. Do we participate in any of said activities on a regular basis? Not so much.


In fact, our first experience on any kind of 4-wheeler was in Iceland last October. Iceland was all about experiencing “firsts.” Our first time to snorkel, our first time to snowmobile, our first time to go to an emergency room on vacation. You get the idea. In many ways, these firsts are probably the reasons why Iceland stands out as our favorite trip to date. It was also the first time these “country” kids hit the open roads on a 4-wheeler. There truly could not have been a more exhilarating place to do so.


The 4-wheeler ATV tour we went on operates out of Grindavik, just down the road from the Blue Lagoon. After signing a release, you suit-up and hop on a 4-wheeler (with a buddy or on your own) and take off into the rugged terrain.


Keeping to my slow and steady ways, I held up the caboose of the convoy. As others on the tour whizzed by; rocks and dirt spattering all about, I tinkered along at the pace of a busted golf cart. But hey, to each his own. The slower you go the more you see–right? Around every corner in Iceland a little bit of magic awaits. This experience was no exception. Over bumpy lava rocks, up treacherous inclines and through narrow passageways we found ourselves once again rewarded with the exceptional beauty that is Iceland.


It’s hard to imagine being blown away so many times in the span of only a week. But it happened. In Iceland, it’s possible.

Skal! -J