O Bryan Where Art Thou?

After surviving for thirty days on puddle water and grubs, I have finally been nursed back to health enough to start blogging again! It has been a strenuous time and I appreciate all the well wishers. Okay maybe that is not exactly true but that’s the story I tell at the bar. The truth is much more boring, I am currently finishing up my Masters Degree in International Business and after writing paper after paper it leaves me with little time to drop a line or two.

So recently wifey and I went to Los Angeles for the first time since we moved back to find out once and for all if we truly loved it, or if it was just home for a while. Besides the family and friends there, Trader Joes, and the fact that I was wearing a sweatshirt in May…I think that chapter of our life has closed and it will be a place that is loved but not necessarily missed. I think we have finally come full circle and can now truly start to focus on life back in Texas and the amazing Iceland adventure that is quickly coming around the corner.  The trip in which Shades and I have vowed to try fermented shark! Quiet though…he doesn’t know yet!

Back to the books,


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